Physiol Meas. 2009 Jun 3;30(7):589-601.

The effect of different EEG derivations on sleep staging in rats: the frontal midline-parietal bipolar electrode for sleep scoring.


Fang G, Zhang C, Xia Y, Lai Y, Liu T, You Z, Yao D.

Most sleep-staging research has focused on developing and optimizing algorithms for sleep scoring, but little attention has been paid to the effect of different electroencephalogram (EEG) derivations on sleep staging. To explore the possible effects of EEG derivations, an automatic computer method was established and confirmed by agreement analysis between the computer and two independent raters, and four fronto-parietal bipolar leads were compared for sleep scoring in rats. The results demonstrated that different bipolar electrodes have significantly different sleep-staging accuracies, and that the optimal frontal electrode for sleep scoring is located at the anterior midline.

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